Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco

Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco is a Windows Defender detection targeting a specific trojan family.

What is Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco?

When run on the computer, Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco drops files on the computer, especially in the Windows System folder. Then, it makes sure to run the virus code each time Windows starts up by adding a registry entry using the "RUN" command. Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco also performs a file deletion routine on the infected computer where it will make copies of itself in the Temp folder of each Windows user account.

This malware family is available in Windows Defender detections Program: Win32 / Ymacco ou PWS: Win32 / Ymacco.
She is one of the type Trojan.Banker because the trojan horse has the capacity to steal the identifiers of bank sites.

Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco was observed to contaminate the computer and later it detonated the presence of ransomware infection. Hence, Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco serves as an advanced part for ransomware attacks. Its ability to hide on the computer allows it to perform various malicious functions without being detected by security software. Later, it will communicate with a remote server to download a ransomware module which will encrypt the files on the infected system.

Threat typeTrojan / Trojan horse
Threat subtypeTrojan.Banker
Assumed functionalitySteal bank details / bank website credentials
DetectionsHOUR: Trojan-Banker.MSIL.ClipBanker (Kasperski)
Win32: PWSX-gen [Trj] (Avast !, AVG)
Trojan: Win32 / AgentTesla (Microsoft)
Trojan.Win64.Crypt / Trojan.Win32.Crypt
Trojan.ClipBanker (Malwarebytes)
RDN / PWS-Banker
InfoStealer (Norton)

Malware that downloads and installs a Trojan.Banker is called Trojan: Win32 / Banload.
Malware familyTrojan: Win32 / Ymacco, Trickbot,  VarenykyGozNym, HawkEye, IcedID
Ursnif, Trojan.Qbot, Trojan Dridex ou Emotet
Symptoms of the diseaseNo specific symptoms, the malware tries to be discreet
But it will steal data, identifiers including passwords
Damage to the systemNone in particular
Can download and install other malware
Trojan Banker sheet

How does Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco infect PCs?

Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco is a computer virus that can infect the system through another Trojan Downloader. It could also happen that the infection occurs when an internet user visits a malicious website or has downloaded an infected executable file from that location. Once the computer gets infected with Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco, it can be the source of additional threats, especially the more dangerous ones like ransomware attacks.

Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco normally infects the computer through different methods used by attackers while exploiting different online distribution channels. It could move from the attacker's server to random computers through a direct mail campaign. The presence of Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco has also been detected on various malicious websites, especially those that engage in the illegal distribution of copyrighted content such as software, movies and music files. Simply visiting the mentioned site would run the script that injects the trojan horse Ymacco on the visitor's computer. In another way, downloading software or any executable file can also launch Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco infection.

How to remove Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco

How to remove Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco

Here is a free disinfection procedure in order to remove Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco from your PC.

Remove Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

  • Download then install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • Let yourself be guided to carry out the first configurations
  • Then Launch a quick scan by clicking on the button Analyze
  • At the end of the scan, delete all the threats detected
  • Finally restart your PC if MBAM asks for it
Remove viruses with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in video:

Remove Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco with RogueKiller

  • Download then install RogueKiller
  • Start a PC virus scan by clicking on the button Analyze
Remove viruses with RogueKiller / Remove malware with RogueKiller
  • Let the scan run, it will take some time
  • Finally remove all detected threats
Remove viruses with RogueKiller / Remove malware with RogueKiller

Remove Trojan: Win32 / Ymacco with NOD32

  • Download then run esetonelinescanner.exe
  • Then let yourself be guided to perform the analysis online then enable PUA detection (Potentially unwanted application)
Perform a NOD32 online scan to remove viruses
  • Then the analysis of NOD32 is carried out, again, it will take a long time, be patient
  • Finally place all the detected elements in quarantine

NOD32 scan in video:

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How to protect your PC from viruses

You can delete the programs used, if you wish you can keep Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to perform regular scans.
Remove AdwCleaner and ZHPCleaner, there is no point in keeping them for regular analyzes.

It is strongly advised to change all your passwords (Facebook, online games, emails etc).

Here are some tips to keep your computer safe and prevent malware.
To secure your computer, especially update all your software (Adobe Flash, Java etc): Secure your computer and protect your PC from viruses.