Trojan:BAT/Starter is a Windows Defender Antivirus detection that corresponds to “USB Virus” malware.
In this article, you will find information about this threat and how to eradicate it.

What is Trojan:BAT/Starter

It is a generic detection that concerns malware that is propagated by USB keys.
These use shortcuts in USB keys, which when executed by the user installs the malware.
Any removable devices then inserted are contaminated.
Since this is a self-spreading threat, it is a computer worm or worm.

Date: 2022-09-13 10:49:36
Microsoft Defender Antivirus has detected malicious or potentially unwanted software.
Name: Trojan:BAT/Starter.G!lnk
ID: 2147756434
Severity: Serious
Category: Trojan horse
Path: file:_E:\.cm0012.lnk; file:_E:\.cmdb.lnk; file:_E:\.fseventsd.lnk; file:_E:\.Spotlight-V100.lnk; file:_E:\.TemporaryItems.lnk; file:_E:\.Trashes.lnk; file:_E:\._couv seriegraphie.pdf.lnk; file:_E:\._twice the same river.pptx.lnk; file:_E:\._ARTISTIC FILE .pdf.lnk; file:_E:\._ARTISTIC FILE hanlin .pdf.lnk; file:_E:\._ARTISTIC FOLDER _with compression_best.pdf.lnk; file:_E:\._Folder via DAVID.lnk; file:_E:\._Han print 2.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._Han print.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._han0.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._han013 0.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._print.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._walking sand 015.mp02.lnk; file:_E:\._Marche Sable Modify Plan-4.m1v.lnk; file:_E:\._Plan-Painting_A4.pdf.lnk; file:_E:\._Plan-Volume.pdf.lnk; file:_E:\._prune5.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._prune093.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._Untitled-097.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._defence.pdf.lnk; file:_E:\._wave1-1.mp1.lnk; file:_E:\._X4_5f_delta3_100d3_45 2020.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._X001_5f_delta3_100d3_45 2020.tif.lnk; file:_E:\._X002_5f_delta3_100d3_45 2020.tif.lnk; f
Origin of detection: Local computer

Windows Defender detection is triggered when you use a USB key containing malware.
Generally, the antivirus manages to protect from running and installing the threat.
Thus, a simple disinfection of the USB key or external hard drive is necessary.
However, if you want to check your computer thoroughly, follow this complete guide.

In this article, you will find a general procedure that allows you to both clean your USB drive but also analyze and delete the trojans on your computer.
The disinfection utilities offered are all free. None will ask you to pay for anything.
Knowing that Kaspersky is probably installed on your computer, you can also scan your computer and USB stick.

Remove and Disinfect Trojan:BAT/Starter

Cleaning Remediate VBS Worm

Remediate VBS Worm is a program that cleans up VBS infections spread by removable media.

  • Plug in all your USB keys and other removable devices.
  • Download Remediate VBS Worm
  • Choose option B.
  • Type the letter of the USB drive, for example, E and enter
  • This will clean the USB key.
Remove USB viruses with Remediate VBS Worm

Clean up on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

  • Download then install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • Let yourself be guided to carry out the first configurations
  • Then Launch a quick scan by clicking on the button Analyze
  • At the end of the scan, delete all the threats detected
  • Finally restart your PC if MBAM asks for it
Remove viruses with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in video:

Remove Trojan.Win64.Generic with NOD32

  • Download then run esetonelinescanner.exe
  • Then let yourself be guided to perform the analysis online then enable PUA detection (Potentially unwanted application)
Perform a NOD32 online scan to remove viruses
  • Then the analysis of NOD32 is carried out, again, it will take a long time, be patient
  • Finally place all the detected elements in quarantine

NOD32 scan in video:

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How to protect your PC from viruses

You can delete the programs used, if you wish you can keep Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to perform regular scans.
Remove AdwCleaner and ZHPCleaner, there is no point in keeping them for regular analyzes.

It is strongly advised to change all your passwords (Facebook, online games, emails etc).

Here are some tips to keep your computer safe and prevent malware.
To secure your computer, especially update all your software (Adobe Flash, Java etc): Secure your computer and protect your PC from viruses.