Trojan.Win64.Generic is a generic detection of the antivirus Avast! or AVG.
It targets threats like Trojan.RAT.
In this tutorial you will find information and methods to eradicate this threat from your PC.

What is Trojan.Win64.Generic

Generic detection identified a program or file with characteristics or behaviors similar to known harmful programs, such as Trojans, backdoors, scripts, or exploits.
Here as it comes to Trojan.Win64.Generic, this therefore aims Trojan.RAT in the general sense.
It is an administration tool sold in cybercrime circles to control a PC remotely and steal the data therein.
It is therefore an extremely dangerous threat, which should not be taken lightly.

Usually the malware is a trojan which includes functionality.

  • The trojan horse can corrupt or delete all your important hard drive files
  • The Trojan can download other computer threats to your PC
  • The malware monitors the activities of victims online and can steal your sensitive information.
  • It disables system security measures like task manager or your antivirus
  • It performs various malicious activities in your system context
  • Some of these malicious software have the ability to spy on and steal data (files, passwords, etc.). These are the Trojan.PWS et TrojanSpy: Win32 / Stealer
  • A trojan horse may allow remote control of the infected device, sometimes including:
    • Control the mouse remotely
    • Activating the webcam and viewing
    • Take screenshots
    • Access files on the disc
    • Access the Windows registry

To monetize, the cybercriminal can install:

  • Installer adware (adware). Pop-up ads continuously open on the PC
  • Run a Bitcoin Trojan in order to mine cryptocurrency. Mining tools use system resources to perform calculations which can slow down the PC
  • Execute ransomware in order to encrypt documents and ask to pay a sum of money to recover access to your data

Symptoms may be:

  • It will make your system very slow and unstable
  • It will lead to severe corruption of your important applications including anti virus program

Detections often consist of letters and numbers, as there is a huge amount of up-to-date generic detection to keep up with evolving threats.
For example, one can have Trojan.Win32.Generic! BT, Trojan / Generic.ASMalwS.1E69631,, etc.

How to remove Trojan.Win64.Generic

If in doubt about a file detected as such, you can use VirusTotal to have a counter opinion.
On the other hand, if you have repeated Trojan.Win64.Generic alerts or abnormal behavior of your PC, it is advisable to carry out a complete analysis.
To do this, follow the instructions in this disinfection procedure.

Remove Trojan.Win64.Generic with MBAM

  • Download then install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • Let yourself be guided to carry out the first configurations
  • Then Launch a quick scan by clicking on the button Analyze
  • At the end of the scan, delete all the threats detected
  • Finally restart your PC if MBAM asks for it
Remove viruses with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in video:

Remove Trojan.Win64.Generic with RogueKiller

  • Download then install RogueKiller
  • Start a PC virus scan by clicking on the button Analyze
Remove viruses with RogueKiller / Remove malware with RogueKiller
  • Let the scan run, it will take some time
  • Finally remove all detected threats
Remove viruses with RogueKiller / Remove malware with RogueKiller

Remove Trojan.Win64.Generic with NOD32

  • Download then run esetonelinescanner.exe
  • Then let yourself be guided to perform the analysis online then enable PUA detection (Potentially unwanted application)
Perform a NOD32 online scan to remove viruses
  • Then the analysis of NOD32 is carried out, again, it will take a long time, be patient
  • Finally place all the detected elements in quarantine

NOD32 scan in video:

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How to protect your PC from viruses

You can delete the programs used, if you wish you can keep Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to perform regular scans.
Remove AdwCleaner and ZHPCleaner, there is no point in keeping them for regular analyzes.

It is strongly advised to change all your passwords (Facebook, online games, emails etc).

Here are some tips to keep your computer safe and prevent malware.
To secure your computer, especially update all your software (Adobe Flash, Java etc): Secure your computer and protect your PC from viruses.